The Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience



First, review the boudoir photo shoot packages available and decide which is right for you.  Or, feel free to contact us to talk about customizing a boudoir session package that meets your needs.  Then it is as simple as picking a date and paying the deposit for your personalized boudoir photography session.  Interest free payment plans are also available.

Prep Guide

Once you have booked your boudoir session and paid the deposit, I will forward to you a Boudoir Preparation Guide. The guide talks about what to do to prepare for the boudoir photo shoot, examples of different looks/styles you can use for the session, do's and don’ts and a shoot checklist. All this will help you better prepare for your personalized boudoir photography shoot and enable us to create your session so you get everything out of the session you want.

The session before the session

I think it is always best for us to get to know each other a bit prior to the boudoir photography session. As part of every package, I like to schedule a 30-60 minute 1 on 1 pre-shoot meeting with each client. I know how busy everyone's schedules can get but I think it is important to invest this time to make the boudoir photo shoot everything you want it to be. This meeting can be over the phone, in-person at the studio, or some other more convenient location. I use this time to get to know you, what is important to you and your ideal boudoir session. What thoughts do you have, what expectation, why is it important to you to do it now? Also, what reservations do you have, what concerns? We will review examples, discuss wardrobe choices, makeup styles and posing styles. All of this helps me create the individualize boudoir session for you.

Day of the session

Make sure you wear a loose fitting comfortable outfit to the boudoir session. This will help you relax during your makeover session with my professional make-up artist (included in all bookings). Make sure the top unzips or buttons up so your hair and makeup do not get smeared or messed up. No tight clothing prior to the boudoir photo shoot. You do not want any unnecessary marks on your body. Wash and dry your face so it's clean and bare. You can use non-tinted moisturizer if you want. Bring your wardrobe with your accessories, undergarments and jewelry.  Arrive promptly so you can start your makeover session and your boudoir photography session.  Remember, it is a day about you!!

The Pampering

A boudoir session is more than just photographs. It is an experience. It is about empowering yourself and celebrating who you are.  Boudoir photography is all about empowering women and girl power.  Your boudoir experience will vary depending the package you selected and the boudoir photo shoot you want but each package is focused on pampering you and giving you the experience you were hoping for. All packages include listening to your favorite music, enjoying a glass of wine (Red, White, blush or Mimosa) while enjoying your makeover. Then it’s time for the fun. Remember, sexy, class and always fun.

After the session

Depending on your schedule, we will review your unedited photos right after the boudoir session ends or at a later time based on your availability.  This will allow us to go through the pictures together and for you to select the ones you want in your package.  Again, even this stage is about your individual vision and desires for the boudoir photo shoot you just finished.